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Splendor in the Grass (1961)

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There is a miracle in being young...and a fear.

Oct 10,1961

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

Ratings: 5.2 / 10 from

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Length: 124 Minute(s)
A fragile Kansas girl's unrequited and forbidden love for a handsome young man from the town's most powerful family drives her to heartbreak and madness.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No nudity, although a teenage girl arises from a bath with no clothes on - only her back is shown. No sex, but it is the main theme of the movie. There is an implied rape (not shown). There is a lot of (passionate) kissing. There is some talk during the film by parents that their daughter had an abortion. The mother mentions that she had "one of those awful surgeries." A teenage girl who follows her mother's advice to avoid having sex with her boyfriend. The mother tells her that sex will ruin a marriage and that boys want to marry a nice girl. She also tells her that boys don't respect a girl that they can go all the way with. A high school boy is in a relationship with a girl, who chooses to avoid having sex. During the film he is told by his father that he should find another girl who will fill his needs. Sexual double standards males and females are depicted. A father criticizes his daughter who had an abortion but he encourages his son to find a girl who will fill his (sexual) needs. A teenage girl is asked if she has been "spoilt". A mother tells her daughter wives only have sex with their husbands to have children, as they don't enjoy it as much as men. A teenage girl tries to get a teenage boy to have sex with her.
violence A man commits suicide during the Great Depression. This is not actually shown. A girl dies in an automobile accident. This is not actually shown.
profanity A limited number of mild expletives (h*ll, d*mn)
alcohol A girl in high school starts to smoke after she becomes severely depressed. No drug use. A girl into partying is shown smoking and drinking.
frightening A girl attempts to commit suicide. She runs and jumps into dangerous water. When she is saved and in the hospital she speaks without making any sense. It might be disturbing to some. A girl is taking a bath to relax and her mother comes in to talk to her. The girl becomes upset and acts as if she is trying to drown herself.

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