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Feb 25,1977

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 7.3 / 10 from

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Length: 123 Minute(s)
Located in the US Rust Belt, Charlestown is home of the hapless Chiefs, a losing Federal League hockey team whose games are poorly attended. To make money, the team's unknown owner makes its manager, Joe McGrath, do cheesy publicity much to the players' chagrin. Rumors abound among the players that if the local mill closes, the team will fold. Just before the official announcement is made, the team's aging player/coach, Reggie Dunlop, does get wind that the mill is indeed closing and that this season will be the team's last. Beyond efforts to reconcile with his wife Francine, who loves Reggie but doesn't love his career, Reggie begins to focus on how to renew interest in the team for a possible sale as he knows if the team folds, his hockey career is over. Without telling anyone of his plan, he begins a rumor that the owner is negotiating a sale with a city in Florida.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 A man and women have sex under the covers. Nothing shown A women's breasts are shown briefly During a hockey game, a player strips down to only his skates and jockstrap in the middle of the rink (his buttocks are shown briefly).
violence Many hockey matches turn into fistfights and often all-out brawls. Lot's of punching, kicking, hitting with hockey sticks, and slamming people into walls. Sometimes, people are knocked out, others are shown missing teeth, and in most of these scenes, the participants have blood on their faces and shirts, as well as bloody cuts, bloody noses, black eyes etc.
profanity 7/10 - 36 uses of the F-word - 1 use of c--t and c--ksucker - 1 use of p---y
alcohol 4/10 One character is a drunkard.
frightening 3/10 Some of the fight scenes may disturb.

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