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Short Cuts raises the roof on America.

Sep 05,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 6 / 10 from

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Length: 187 Minute(s)
Multi-storied, fish-eyed look at American culture with some 22 characters intersecting--profoundly or fleetingly--through each other's lives. Running the emotional gamut from disturbing to humorous, Altman's portrait of the contemporary human condition is nevertheless fascinating. Based on nine stories and a prose poem by Raymond Carver.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10: Late in the movie, Julianne Moore's character stands, full length and facing the camera, naked below the waist. This is a lengthy scene in which the woman removes her skirt and completely exposes her pubic region and labia for 3-5 minutes while talking to a clothed man. A nude woman (Frances McDormand) walks across screen on her way out of a shower, then wraps a towel around her, briefly revealing breasts and pubic region. A woman (Lori Singer) strips off all her clothes and jumps into her swimming pool while a man watches without her knowledge. She shows her breasts and pubic area. We see a man urinating into a river. A dead woman's mostly naked body is seen repeatedly just under the surface of a river. A woman poses nude while someone paints her. Woman does a phone sex session while at home, putting a diaper on a baby. (Scene only lasts about one minute)
violence A man hits a woman repeatedly with a beer can until she is bloodied and unconscious. A boy is hit by a car. There are several scenes of disturbing make up effects. A woman cuts herself with a broken glass. A woman kills herself by staying in a closed garage with the car engine still running People mention other people killing themselves throughout the movie In the end there is a massive earthquake, it is implied that one or maybe two people died in it.
profanity There is a fair amount of strong language throughout. About 35 profanities (Jesus, Christ, God damn, and so forth); about 30 uses of various forms of f*ck (some more may be partially obscured) used both in sexual and exclamatory ways; 11 uses of sh*t, and about 30 other assorted crude words, e.g. slang terms for body parts and functions. There are also uses of minor obscenities one would hear on network TV, such as ass, bastard, and bitch.
alcohol Characters drink and smoke frequently throughout the movie. Near the end two couples get drunk at a dinner party and stay drunk for the rest of the movie
frightening Although the film has a light feel, there are several dark moments in it that can be quite emotional, but not as heavy as "Magnolia" The earthquake is quite intense. A little boy dies after being hit by a car in the hospital, very sad. A woman kills herself

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