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Serving Sara (2002)

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The One Thing That Could Bring Them Together Is Revenge.

Aug 20,2002

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

Ratings: 5.1 / 10 from

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
Serving Sara is a 2002 romantic comedy film which stars Matthew Perry, Elizabeth Hurley and Bruce Campbell. Joe Tyler (Perry) is a process server who is given the assignment to serve Sara Moore (Hurley) with divorce papers.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Vulgar humor and sexual references/content. Some flirting and talk about sex. Women is seen with pants leg torn off exposing underwear, and later dresses in some rather revealing clothes. Man pretends to be a vet and has to get a bull to "milk" A woman flashes a hotel desk clerk to get a room key. A man is lying naked on a hospital operating table, nothing is visible though.
violence Two men beat up another man, he is seen with a bloody nose. A man smashes his nose on the back of a bus seat when it abruptly stops. Some gunplay, it is rather quick and comedic, although one character has been shot (but we don't see it) A woman beats up a man. A man gets mauled by a pit bull. A woman throws a six pack on her ex-husband's head to keep him from running away. In the climax a man is seen running from a tractor, the tractor ends up crashing into another vehicle and tipping over. In the process another man is run over [spoiler but he survives\spoiler] Most of the violence in this film is comedic and played for laughs.
profanity Shit, bitch, dick, asshole and other mild swear words. One use of f*ck (was used in a deleted scene). On top of that, there's a lot of crude and offensive obscenities.
alcohol Joe is seen with a lit cigarette at least two times. Characters can be seen drinking alcohol.
frightening The climax is a little intense, a man is accused of having Ebola and two characters get into an accident. Suggested MPAA rating: PG-13 for Crude Humor, Sexual Content, Mild Violence and Some Language

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