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Col. Frank Slade has a very special plan for the weekend!

Dec 23,1992

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 7.1 / 10 from

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Length: 157 Minute(s)
Charlie Simms (Chris O'Donnell) is a student at a private preparatory school who comes from a poor family. To earn the money for his flight home to Gresham, Oregon for Christmas, Charlie takes a job over Thanksgiving looking after retired U.S. Army officer Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade (Al Pacino), a cantankerous middle-aged man who lives with his niece and her family.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 5/10 Implied sex between male lead and an unseen/unheard prostitute occurs off screen. Discussion of a menage a trois during a Thanksgiving dinner scene.
violence 2/10 A man is pushed to a wall by a blind man.
profanity 7/10 Quite a bit of profanity: 28 f-words and such "for Chr*st's sake"
alcohol 4/10 Lead character smokes cigars occasionally and drinks bourbon frequently.
frightening 5/10 Intense scene when lead character has a choke-hold on his nephew. Another intense scene in which two male leads struggle for control of a Colt 45 when one character tried to commit suicide. The only thing inappropriate with this movie is the language. It should be okay for anyone 13 and up. Total: 23/50

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