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Sep 02,1988

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Family

Ratings: 5.2 / 10 from

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Length: 99 Minute(s)
A man's family comes for his 77th birthday and while he loves all of his children and their children, he and his children don't exactly connect. However, he connects with his grandchildren. And he tells them what he wants for his birthday and they do what they can to give it to him.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity No nudity. Frequent sexual references and innuendos by many of the parents and grandparents. In one scene, a grandfather leads his grandsons in urinating into the ocean (we see only their backs, clothed). One female character wears skimpy or suggestive outfits throughout the movie. One brief scene of an unmarried man and woman sleeping in a bed, just before he gets up and leaves the house.
violence ** Spoiler Warning ** We see the dead body of one elderly character who has peacefully died in his sleep.
profanity One use of h--- by an adult.
alcohol Alcohol is consumed on several occasions by the adults, and smoking is shown briefly. A doctor says he's had enough already but then goes to see a patient.
frightening In the first few minutes we see a boy who seems no more than 12, driving his family in a van with his parents' encouragement. Later in the movie he uses this skill to drive away someone else's car unauthorized. There is discussion with the children of worms eating dead bodies after burial. ** Spoiler warning ** The grandchildren cremate their deceased grandfather.

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