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A new vision of a classic nightmare.

Dec 04,1998

Hollywood Movies | Thriller | Horror | Mystery

Ratings: 4.9 / 10 from

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
Criminal on the run, Marion Crane takes refuge at the motel operated by Norman Bates - a troubled man whose victims encounter a grisly fate at the hands of his "mother." Marion soon becomes the next victim and her disappearance prompts inquiries from her sister and a private investigator. They both soon discover the morbid bond linking Norman to his mysterious "mother" at the Bates Motel. Relive the terror in an all new version of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece of suspense… Psycho.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 6/10 We see a man's bare butt when he gets out of bed. At the beginning of the film, as we arrive at the hotel, we can hear a woman moaning pleasurably from another room. A man masturbates while watching a woman undress, we see the side of the woman's bare breast. We only see his face and hear the noise. At the end of the shower scene, we see a woman's bare butt. It is an overhead shot, looking down at her back parallel to the floor. Women's breasts are briefly seen in a playboy magazine.
violence 6/10 A woman is stabbed repeatedly in various areas with a kitchen knife while showering (we do not actually see the knife penetrating her skin, but do see a lot of blood running down the drain and on the wall.) The woman then falls face-first out of the shower, revealing bloody gashes on her back. A man cleans up a bathroom where a woman was murdered (he is shown wiping up large amounts of blood.) A man's face is slashed repeatedly with a kitchen knife (again, we do not see the actual penetration, but do see the bloody gashes.) The man then falls down a staircase to the floor below, where he is stabbed repeatedly (we only see the knife coming up and down.) Two men struggle across a room until one knocks the other unconscious by hitting him over the head with a golf club. A woman discovers another woman's decaying corpse and the killer suddenly appears behind her, brandishing a kitchen knife. Another man then attacks him from behind, wrestling him to the ground, and the woman kicks him in the face. A man's face briefly appears with a skeleton trim as the camera fades away from him.
profanity 0/10 The phrase "Oh God" is used once, as well as a few sexual references/innuendo. Other than this, no profanity is used throughout the remainder of the film.
alcohol 0/10 One scene features consumption of an alcoholic beverage.
frightening 5/10 Both murder scenes described above are quite frightening and are accompanied by suspenseful/intense music. The scene in which a woman unexpectedly finds another woman's decaying corpse will most likely frighten some people. A killer suddenly appears behind a person. Rated R for: Violence, Nudity, Adult Content.(HBO advisory) Overall Content Rating: 17/50 Rated R for Adult Content Brief Nudity Violence (Showtime advisory)

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