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Princess of Thieves

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If you thought Robin Hood broke all the rules, wait until you meet his daughter!
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Length: 88 Minute(s)


Sherwood forest has a courageous new hero - Gwyn, the daughter of Robin Hood. Possessing the cunning skills of her legendary father and the beauty and intelligence of her mother Maid Marian, Gwyn is anxious to follow in her father's footsteps. King Richard nears death and Robin Hood and his Merry Men are summoned to help bring Richard's son Philip to his rightful place on the throne before the evil Prince John can assume power. Robin Hood's life and that of the future King of England soon lies in Gwyn's hands when Robin is captured and sentenced to death.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence Robin Hood can be seen getting tortured by a stretching rack. There is fighting with swords and bow and arrows although there's no blood shown.
profanity The word "God" is used a few times. Otherwise no profanity.

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