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Who knew it was so much fun to be a hooker?

Mar 23,1990

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

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Length: 119 Minute(s)
When millionaire wheeler-dealer Edward Lewis enters a business contract with Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward, he loses his heart in the bargain in this charming romantic comedy. After Edward hires Vivian as his date for a week and gives her a Cinderella makeover, she returns the favor by mellowing the hardnosed tycoon's outlook. Can the poor prostitute and the rich capitalist live happily ever after?
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Rated R for strong language, sexuality and brief drug use. The main character and a supporting character are prostitutes, and both sex and sexuality are repeatedly depicted as well as discussed (though not "coarsely"). The protagonists are sensually involved throughout the movie. The opening scene includes a lingering pan up a woman's body - she is provocatively dressed in lingerie, but no nudity is seen. After a man comments that a prostitute's price is "pretty stiff," she grabs his crotch and replies, "No, but it could be." A man and woman are implied to have sex on a piano following sensual foreplay. A woman is seen in a bubble bath - the bubbles obscure any nudity. A woman is implied to be wearing nothing but a necktie, which she flips over her shoulder when a man approaches. Nothing is seen. A woman is depicted preparing to perform oral sex, and it is implied the man and woman have sex in his penthouse hotel suite. They later lie in bed talking. Their naked backs are shown. A woman wears a pair of fetish latex boots for most of the film. A man and woman kiss while reclining in bed. Breasts without nipples are very briefly visible as he undresses her, and they kiss. A man forcefully attempts to solicit woman, though another man intervenes before anything sexual takes place.
violence A man attempts to rape a prostitute (no nudity) and punches her in the process. Another man arrives and throws the would-be rapist out of the hotel room; his nose is shown bleeding mildly.
profanity A few occasional F-words, asshole and several sexual innuendos.
alcohol Some mild drinking a few times, as well as smoking in a club scene. Characters reference drug use, but nothing is depicted.
frightening A man attempts to rape a prostitute, but is quickly pulled away.

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