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Jan 01,1969

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | War

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Length: 118 Minute(s)
The Dirty Dozen meet the Stiff Upper Lip. A British Petroleum executive (Michael Caine) is assigned to work with the British Army in North Africa handling port duties for incoming fuels.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A group of soldiers ambush an army nurse in an attempt to rape her, they rip at her uniform exposing her bra, and they forcefully remove her panties. A man unbuckles his belt and drops his pants, revealing his bare buttocks.
violence The movie is about war. There is much violence and blood as men are shot, shot at and ect. During a rape scene a man is shot in his bare buttock.
alcohol Men smoke and drink alcohol.
frightening There are many suspensful scenes of war, and the horrors that go along with it. One of the most intense is the attempted rape scene, which a woman struggles against 3 men who attempt to rape her.

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