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No one would take on his case... until one man was willing to take on the system.

Dec 22,1993

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Mystery

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Length: 125 Minute(s)
No one would take his case until one man was willing to take on the system. Two competing lawyers join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. As their unlikely friendship develops their courage overcomes the prejudice and corruption of their powerful adversaries.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The plot of the movie revolves around a gay man who is fired from his law firm because he has AIDS. There are many frank references to homosexuality, including pervasive derogatory terms for homosexuals. Hand gestures are used to represent the act of homosexuality between men. A nude man is seen while showering in a sauna (his buttocks are visible), and later in the scene, several nude men can be seen in the background in and around a pool (buttocks are clearly visible and genitals are shown from a distance, so they are hard to see). [1:29:42-55] A man talks briefly about an anonymous one-night stand he had with another man, which is how he contracted AIDS. They met at a gay pornography theater; moaning is heard briefly at 1:32:51.
violence A man shows many lesions on his chest.
profanity Lots of mild profanity ranging from "d**n" to "s**t". Crude and often derogatory terms for homosexuals are used throughout, including but not limited to "faggot", "fairy", and "queer." There are lots of frank discussions revolving around sex (hetero and homosexual) that aren't profane, but are very blunt and sometimes explicit. "..for Chr*st's sake.."
alcohol Casual drinking, nothing else.
frightening The main character has AIDS, which may be a very touchy subject for some people. The final stages of AIDS shown in the film are very disturbing. As the main character progresses in his disease, the movie becomes very sad. There are some discussions about cruelty towards homosexuals that might make some uncomfortable. MPAA/USA - Rated PG-13 for some graphic language and thematic material. BBFC/UK - Rated 12A (moderate sex references, moderate bad language, discriminatory terms).

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