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This is not a love story - it's a story about love.
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Length: 118 Minute(s)
A young man is plunged into a life of subterfuge, deceit and mistaken identity in pursuit of a femme fatale whose heart is never quite within his grasp
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man's bare buttocks are shown in two scenes for perhaps over half a minute combined. A woman's breasts are shown in an explicit sex scene. A lady is forcefully held by a man on a staircase and he tries to kiss her. He then inserts his hand under her skirt and it is implied that he touches her against her wish. A man lifts a woman's skirt forcefully and kisses her and it is implied that they have forceful sex. There's a bathing scene with a man and a woman together, female toplessness is shown. Anal sex is shown in another scene.
profanity 1 abuse of the name "Jesus," 3 of "Christ," and 7 misuses of "God." 3 instances of "damn," 2 of "hell," and 1 of "a**hole."

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