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One Day (2011)

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Twenty years. Two people.

Mar 02,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 107 Minute(s)
A romantic comedy centered on Dexter and Emma, who first meet during their graduation in 1988 and proceed to keep in touch regularly. The film follows what they do on July 15 annually, usually doing something together.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Dexter and Emma sleep together the day they meet, and they kiss, grope, and strip down to their underwear, but then decide not to have sex out of embarrasment. They instead cuddle the rest of the night. It's implied they live together for some time, although they never have sex. When away from Emma, it is heavily implied Dexter has a very active sex life, and he is seen flirting and acting provacatively with several women. A one night stand is seen completely naked (from the backside) as she balances on his bed post. He later works for a TV show that features women dancing in tight, revealing clothing There is a nudist beach in France where we see (only from a distance) plenty of bare backsides and side views of partial breast nudity from female nudists, including one woman's bare chest, but only from a distance. Dexter and Emma go skinny dipping together, and we see part of Dexter's bare backside and a full frontal (blurry) shot of Emma from a distance as she jumps into the water. Dexter and Emma eventually marry, and a conversation reveals that Emma wants a child. She is in a silky, revealing nightgown on the night she and Dexter have sex. She sits down, spreads her legs, as Dexter kneels and the two begin to passionately kiss and caress. Emma pulls off Dexter's shirt (he is left in boxers) as they continue slowly and sensually. Dialogue tells us that Emma and Dexter did have sex once, but the scene is not shown since it doesn't take place on the "one day" July 15th. Emma and Ian move in together for a very long time, and it is implied Dexter has many women during this time. Dexter's first wife cheats on him. We see her sitting on a bed in a bathrobe, with a man wrapped in a towel behind her. Other dialogue and references are made throughout the movie.
violence 5/10 Dexter gets into a barfight, and the bloody aftermath is shown. We see his bloody and bruised face when his daughter finds him. A party game that involves smacking people in the head with a rolled up newspaper gets out of hand when Dexter whacks his girlfirend Sylvie before she's ready, sending her into a table with a bloody nose. Emma is killed by a truck hitting her on her bike. The impact is sudden but seen from a distance, and we see Emma lying in the street, her leg bent completely backwards. - very upsetting to watch, unexpected and jumpy
profanity 5/10 One use of fuck. We hear "bitch," "bastard," "damn," "hell," "bloody," bollocks," "prick" and "wanker." God's name is misused about a dozen times.
alcohol 3/10 One man is an alchoholic. One reference is made to tequila It can be briefly implied Dexter snorts cocaine. Emma mentions it, and one dinner shows him getting up from the table to another room with other partygoers in a "high" state with Dexter.
frightening 6/10 Emma's death is emotional and intense. It is a jump scene 26/50 Not for children at all. This is a movie for adults.

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