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Nidoto mezamenu komoriuta (1985)

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Jan 25,1985

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Horror | Animation

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Length: 27 Minute(s)
The story of child violence and the national violence. And the problem of the old Japanese environmental pollution.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A boy tries to have sex with a girl, until he get slapped in the face. There is some nudity in this scene.
violence The film starts out with a bleeding doll face. A boy is often violently bullied, mostly for his protruding teeth. Several people violently protest against the construction of a new airport. A girl slaps a boy in the face. We see some dead fish as a cause of pollution. A boy stabs some other boys with a knife. One of them gets stabbed in the eye. This scene is bloody. In one surreal scene a plane, and later a train, causes lots of buildings to explode, several people die during this scene.
frightening Some viewer might find scenes of bullying to be a bit disturbing. The ending sequence is one of the most intense moments in this film. Due to the violent content, and the thematic elements involving bullying and environmental pollution, this film is best viewed for mature audience.

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