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My One and Only (2009)

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Aug 21,2009

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 6 / 10 from

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Length: 108 Minute(s)
A mother takes her two sons on an unusual road trip from New York. Pittsburgh, St. Louis and eventually Hollywood in her quest to find a man to take care of them all.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman is mistakenly arrested for prostitution; a wife catches her husband in bed with another woman (no nudity). A teenage girl bares her breasts to a boy her age (but they're not shown); he responds in a fairly gentlemanly fashion (from Common Sense Media).
violence A man lunges after a woman, who protects herself and her son by brandishing a fireplace poker. A mother slaps her son. A man pulls a knife on a woman, and her son defends them both by firing a gun (from Common Sense Media).
profanity - 'Fuck' is said once, also 'shit, damn, bitch, ass, hell, for Christ's sake, Jesus, oh my God'. - A girl gives the middle finger.
alcohol Some social smoking and drinking.
frightening See Violence & Gore.

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