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From the immortal adventure classic...of whaling men, their ships, and the sea!

Jun 27,1956

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure

Ratings: 6.5 / 10 from

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Length: 116 Minute(s)
In 1841, young Ishmael signs up for service abroad the Pequod, a whaler sailing out of New Bedford. The ship is under the command of Captain Ahab, a strict disciplinarian who exhorts his men to find Moby Dick, the great white whale. Ahab lost his his leg to that creature and is desperate for revenge. As the crew soon learns, he will stop at nothing to gain satisfaction.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man's rear is accentuated by his pants in a far-off shoot, then close-up. Both are in the second whale-chase scene. Men walk around shirtless.
violence Blood is shown when whales are harpooned. A man starts slicing another, blood is shown. A man strangles another. Men scream as the whale kills them by broaching then coming back down into the water. A little boy is crushed by falling ship debris.
profanity "Sons of bitches.", 2 "by God", 2 "God", 2 "Hell", "Damn", 2 "Damned".
alcohol Tradition of drink and pass.
frightening A shrunken head is shown. A man falls overboard from watch and does not resurface. The final confrontation with the whale may be slightly more intense for little children. Suggested MPAA rating: PG for some hunting violence, brief language and some smoking

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