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An American operator, under bogus suspicion of unfaithfulness, must find and uncover the genuine spy without the assistance of his association.
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In view of the hit T.V. arrangement. Jim Phelps was sent to Prague for a mission to keep the robbery of characterized material. His better half Claire and his trusted accomplice Ethan Hunt were colleagues. Tragically, something turned out badly and the mission fizzled, leaving Ethan Hunt the solitary survivor. After he reported the fizzled mission, Kettridge the leader of the office associates Ethan with being the guilty party for the fizzled mission. Presently, Ethan utilizes unconventional strategies (Which incorporates the guide of an arms merchant passing by the name "Max") to attempt to discover who set him up and to demonstrate his innocence.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 3/10 There is some passionate kissing. We see upper part of a woman's breast which looks like a chunk of meat ( no nipple shown ).
violence 6/10 In the opening credits, we see a knife being pulled out of a man's bloody gut. (See paragraph 6 for more details) Jack, while trying to control the elevator's procedures, is stabbed in the eye with elevator equipment. We see the equipment go in the eye and then cutting away to Ethan and Sarah but gory sound effects are heard after. This is the most graphic and intense scene in the movie, and it might disturb/disgust some viewers. But because of the elevator going up all the way to a detailed floor, we can imply that after he is impaled through the eye, he is crushed. However, we only know that he is dead, hence why the film probably got a PG-13 rating for intense violence. Claire gets into her car, and then the car explodes. No possible explanation of what happens after that, but we hear that she dies. Jim apparently during the mission is shot, and on IMF camera equipment, we see his hands full of blood, and falls off of the bridge, and into the water. We later learn that he faked his death. Ethan throws an explosive disguised as gum onto a fish tank; It shatters and the whole building is flooded, with him jumping out just in time. No reported casualties. (Continued from paragraph 1) The target of Ethan's mission is seen being stabbed to death, you see some blood on the gate. Later, we see one of Ethan's recruits is actually the one who killed him, with the stabbing clearly seen. Ethan searches the man, we see blood on his clothes. Sarah is also found dead, we see no blood on her, but we see the knife used held up by Ethan, with blood on it and possibly little bits of gore. Ethan contacts the IMF, with blood still on his hands, at a public telephone. He wipes off the blood with a napkin. A man holds out his bloody hands at another man, walking slowly towards him. Ethan grabs Claire and searches her. A man shoots a woman and she dies. He then hits another man in the head and he is dazed. A helicopter is blown up and crashes in a tunnel; A man that was holding on to the helicopter is smashed against the train tracks (this is only briefly seen).
profanity 5/10 4 uses of "b***h" and its derivatives, one "bulls**t", five uses of "a**" and its derivatives, six "d**n"'s, eight uses of "h*ll" and its derivatives, and at least two uses of "J***s" One of the characters says "Jesus" when he discovers he is bleeding.
alcohol 3/10 Some characters are seen smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, and one drunk couple in background that are actually just pretending to be drunk. A man is drugged, and we hear him vomit into a trash can and later in a toilet.
frightening 8/10 The famous scene where Ethan is trying to get the NOC list in a very controlled room is intense, and suspenseful, and might scare young viewers, or confuse them. The film is very dark, and at times, intense with being a thriller, giving viewers a chase of adrenaline at suspenseful times. The scene where Jack is stabbed in the eye with electronic equipment is very scary, and will disturb some viewers, and is probably a good reason why the film got a PG-13 rating for intense action violence. 25/50 13+

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