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Length: 122 Minute(s)


Based on the real-life experiences of Ed Horman. A conservative American businessman travels to a South American country to investigate the sudden disappearance of his son after a right-wing military takeover. Accompanied by his son's wife he uncovers a trail of cover-ups that implicate the US State department which supports the right-wing dictatorship.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Rated PG, but would definitely be be PG-13 by todays standards. Conatains Mature Thematic Elements, Threatening SItuations, Language and Some DIsturbing Images we see Beth taking a bath and briefly see the side of her breast (she quickly covers up because someone is in the room) we see two people's bare butts
violence limited to gun violence (mostly unseen but heard) most people who have been shot/executed are very bloody Ed and Beth go into a morgue filled with rooms of dead people (mostly nongraphic)
profanity mostly PG-13 level profanity. 1 "f" word and a fair number of "s" words 1 "goddamn" Jes*s Chr*st

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