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Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

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You might feel a little prick

Mar 11,2005

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action

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Length: 115 Minute(s)
After her triumph at the Miss United States pageant, FBI agent Gracie Hart becomes an overnight sensation -- and the new "face of the FBI." But it's time to spring into action again when the pageant's winner, Cheryl, and emcee, Stan, are abducted.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity While talking on the phone with her boyfriend a woman says, "Is it the sex? If it is the sex, I can get a manual." An agent's boss asks for a de-briefing and a man says, "I'm more of a boxers man." A man asks a woman, "How do you feel about a push-up bra?," the woman asks the man, "How do you feel about a genital shocking taser gun?" and the man says "I'm open to it." A woman says "He was hot." Women talk about having cramps, PMS and needing tampons. A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes, and a man kisses a woman's hand. Women wear low-cut tops that reveal cleavage. A woman wears a short skirt that reveals her bare thighs. A woman adjusts her fake breasts a few times. A man dresses as a showgirl (we see his bare legs), and several other men are shown dressed as women in a drag club.
violence Several bank robbers pull guns and tell people to lie on the floor, an agent tackles a robber, a gun fires, and an agent is shot in the chest (he is wearing a bullet proof vest); other robbers are restrained and put in hand cuffs. Armed agents surround a cabin, throw in smoke grenades, and force their way in. Two women agents fight with two men, many punches are thrown, one man pulls a gun (it is kicked away), one man throws a woman onto a table, one woman runs and jumps on a man's chest, a man holds a woman by the throat, and she punches him in the ribs. A man grabs a man by the hair and slams his head into a bar (we see the man with blood on his forehead). A woman grabs a woman's arm and forces her to walk with her, elbows her hard in the back knocking her to the floor, head-butts her in the head and then swings at her several times. A woman agent attacks two men with punches and kicks. Two women agents fight by twisting each other's wrists, punching each other, and holding each other by the throat. A woman agent chases another woman through crowds, they both run into people, one woman jumps and tackles the other, and one woman pokes the other in the breasts. A woman agent knocks a man to the hood of his car and twists his wrist. A woman agent knocks another woman agent hard in the shoulder, they argue, then shove each other, and one tries to kick the other. A woman punches a man in the arm. In a training session, a woman punches, kicks and flips a man. During a demonstration a woman punches a man in the stomach, stomps on his foot, and punches him in the nose and groin. Men arm wrestle and one falls onto the floor. A woman agent grabs another agent's arm. A woman shoves a man off a bridge and into water. Two men hold another man by the feet high over a dam wall, they loosen their grip to make him think they will drop him, and he screams. Two men threaten to kill a man and a woman. A man holds a gun to a man's head, and two women agents hold guns on a man. Agents load their guns in preparation for an encounter with bank robbers. A man and a woman are tied to posts inside a boat that is filling with water: the woman is covered by water before she is freed, another woman is trapped when part of her dress gets stuck and she struggles then begins to go limp. A man and a woman are bound and gagged through much of the movie. A woman threatens a man by asking, "How do you feel about a genital shocking taser gun?" and the man says "I'm open to it." People talk about enemas. A woman says "I'll kill her and I'll enjoy it." A man yells at a woman. A man orders another man to jump into water even though he cannot swim. An agent does target practice and shoots people moving on a screen (we see red splatters when hit and hear screams when hit). A woman agent shorts out a junction box knocking out the lights in a crowded club. A woman in a wheelchair rolls over a man's foot. Two men plan to murder a man and a woman. We hear that bank robbers have injured security guards in the past. We hear about a woman having been attacked by a man in a parking lot. Two women talk about their parents dying.
profanity 3 sexual references, 1 mild scatological term, 11 anatomical terms (5 mild), 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (moron, wuss), 7 religious exclamations.

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