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Whatever you hear about Midnight Cowboy is true.

May 25,1969

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 7 / 10 from

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Length: 113 Minute(s)
A naive male prostitute and his sickly friend struggle to survive on the streets of New York City.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Suggested MPAA Rating: R for sexual content, some drug use and brief violence. -Different bits of a scene, in which a man and a woman are interrupted in the back seat of a car, appear several times throughout the movie. Clips show the man fully nude from the rear. It is implied that the men interrupting the couple rape both people. We see the woman running naked into the house. In another clip in this montage, a boy is being spanked on his bare bottom. -Each of the two principal characters have a poster of a topless woman on his wall. One of them is barely covered under something else. -A sex scene shows a man and woman's butts as they scurry to the bedroom. -A man touches another man kisses his dressed body all the way down, it's implied that he's giving him oral sex. -In a party scene we see several women topless or in see-through blouses. -A sex scene briefly shows a fully nude man thrusting on top of a woman. His clinching butt is seen briefly. Otherwise the film is shot from the shoulders up. She bites him and scratches his back. -A man picks up a hustler but backs out of asking for sex. -There is quite a bit of dialogue about the work of prostitution. -There is a scene that is played two or three times throughout the film, of a man and a woman having sex. The woman's breast is seen briefly, and he moans a hell of a lot throughout.
violence -A man beats an old man a couple of times with punching and slapping leaving the man's face bloody and knocking his dentures out. He shoves the old man onto a bed and shoves a telephone into his mouth. The scene is cut short before we know the outcome, but there is later dialog that implies he was killed. -There are several flashback montages of the attempted rape of both a man and his girlfriend by a group of men. -A brief flashback scene appears to show a dog getting hurt. -A man is sick and coughing throughout the movie. He later dies with his eyes wide open.
profanity At least 1 F word, the S-word is used four or five times. There is frequent use of "hell" and "(god)damn." The words faggot and fag are used a lot.
alcohol Characters smoke frequently throughout the film. An old man is shown sitting up in bed drinking beer from a bottle as a boy and his grandmother lie happily beside him. One party scene shows significant marijuana use, though the word "marijuana" is never used. A main character gets high accidentally. A man offers uppers and downers.
frightening The end can be very upsetting The intensity of this film could help educate naive young minds, especially rural and suburban youths who have no understanding for the loss of innocence in big city environments. It is strongly implied that a main character was sexually abused by his Grandmother in his youth. This film is very depressing. In the final scene of the movie one of the main characters dies of his illness on a bus. It is a total surprise (the death) to his travel companion/seatmate when he looks over to see him leaning against the window, motionless and dead. After telling the driver, he must close his eyes and tell the other bus riders it is just an illness. This is very sad and emotional !

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