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Jan 01,1968

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

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Length: 140 Minute(s)
Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria (Omar Sharif) clashes with his father, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria (James Mason), over implementing progressive policies for their country. Ava Gardner plays his mother Empress Elisabeth. Rudolf soon feels he is a man born at the wrong time in a country that does not realize the need for social reform. The Prince of Wales (James Robertson Justice), later to become Britain's King Edward VII, provides comic relief. Rudolf finds refuge from a loveless marriage with Princess Stéphanie (Andréa Parisy) by taking a mistress, Baroness Maria Vetsera (Catherine Deneuve). Their untimely demise at Mayerling, the imperial family's hunting lodge, is cloaked in mystery, but the film's ending suggests the two lovers made a suicide pact when they decided they could not live in a world without love or prospects for peace.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman take off rest of her clothes but she hands cover her breasts and jump in bed with a man, there began kissing and he kissing her breasts. The scene faded it implied there had sex. The main theme in the story a man and his affair with his teenage mistress, they both in bed together and implied there had sex but scenes faded.
violence A man slap his wife in face and grabs one of her arms and threaten her he would break her neck. A man kill his mistress while she sleep and later himself.
alcohol Drinking and main character is taking morphine.

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