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M*A*S*H Gives A D*A*M*N.

Jan 24,1970

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | War

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Length: 116 Minute(s)
One of the world's most acclaimed comedies, MASH focuses on three Korean War Army surgeons brilliantly brought to life by Donald Sutherland, Tom Skerritt and Elliott Gould. Though highly skilled and deeply dedicated, they adopt a hilarious, lunatic lifestyle as an antidote to the tragedies of their Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, and in the process infuriate Army bureaucrats. Robert Duvall, Gary Burghoff and Sally Kellerman co-star as a sanctimonious Major, an other-worldly Corporal, and a self-righteous yet lusty nurse.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A lot of sexual references and innuendo. Most of the humor is sexual humor. A woman's bare breasts and buttocks are seen for 2 seconds before being obscured by a table she trips over. This scene is briefly replayed for the end credits. The same woman yells at her CO in nothing but a rope which hangs open & shows a lot of cleavage as she is ticked off about the other officers' treatment of her. There is a picture of a topless woman on a magazine cover. This picture is shown twice once to a 17 year old Korean boy early in the film & then later to another man half way through the film. A General is drugged and then photographed with a prostitute all over him in a bed(no nudity and the scene is played in still-shots and for comedy). A man and a women's lovemaking is shown briefly with partial cleavage shown, then switched to the radio room & and broadcasted on the PA over the entire camp(lots of heavy breathing). In a close shot, a pilot lands his helicopter on the helipad, near the two major characters playing golf and runs back to the camp. At a wide shot, as he passes, the nurses are sunbathing. One of them apparently covers up as he passes & says "Hey!" Nothing was seen but it's apparent her top was loose or off, but can't tell from the camera angle.
violence Lots of blood filled surgeries are shown. A man attempts suicide by taking a black pill which turns out to be non-lethal. A man is punched out. Slapstick action on the football field.
profanity The f-word is used once. Other milder slang words are also used in this movie. A racial slur is used to refer to a football player on the team.
alcohol Some mild drinking is used. It is told that a surgeon has allowed a boy to drink under the age of 21. Some smoking.
frightening The surgeries, which are depicted much more graphically than the television series, may frighten young children. I believe the film would be rated PG-13 by today's standards.

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