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Margot at the Wedding

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One family. Infinite degrees of separation.

Aug 31,2007

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 5.9 / 10 from

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Length: 91 Minute(s)
Margot and her son Claude decide to visit her sister Pauline after she announces that she is getting married to less-than-impressive Malcolm. In short order, the storm the sisters create leaves behind a mess of thrashed relationships and exposed family secrets.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man draws a picture of a man and a woman having sex (we see the man's enlarged sex organ penetrating the woman and bare breasts and buttocks are also detailed). A woman wearing pajamas with the front unbuttoned climbs into bed (her bare breasts and abdomen are visible). We see photos of a man and a woman in sexual positions (bare backs, legs, buttocks and breasts are visible). A woman is in bed alone and clothed and masturbates (we see her hand moving rhythmically between her legs and she moans). A teenage boy looks through a fence and sees a nude man and a nude woman (we see bare backs, buttocks and legs) and they appear too be lying together but it is not clear what else happens. A man wearing jockey shorts climbs into bed with a woman and says, in crude terms, that they should have sex; they then kiss. A nude man (jockey shorts are pulled down to his thighs) stands in front of a mirror looking at himself (we see his bare back and buttocks) and remarks about the position of his genitals. People are shown in swimsuits around a pool. A man licks a woman's neck and invites her to come away with him (nothing else is shown). Two women talk about their father having been abusive and it is implied that there was sexual abuse involved. A teenage boy tells his mother that he masturbated. A young woman, using crude terms, talks about another woman being attractive and that she would have sex with her if she were gay. A teenage boy and his mother sleep in bed together, and although nothing sexual is implied he does make a comment about putting a pillow between them. A man confesses to "making out with" a young woman. A woman asks a man if he had an affair with a student of hers. Two women talk about having sex with numerous partners. A girl asks a teenage boy why he stares at another teenage girl's breasts. A teenage girl asks a slightly younger teenage boy if he likes showers (it isn't clear whether there is any sexual implication). A woman tells another woman that she is pregnant but doesn't want her fiancé to know because she will feel like he will marry her just because of the baby. A woman makes a comment about someone "having her tubes tied". A man and a woman hug.
violence A woman slaps her son
profanity 39 F-words and its derivates. Other language (shit, ass). Sexual remarks (dick, scrotum, penis)
alcohol Constant drinking by adult characters. Constant smoking by adult characters. Pot-smoking by one of the characters. A teenage boy asks his mother if she's stoned, to which she replies "a little".

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