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He was given an offer he couldn't refuse...

Sep 01,2010

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Thriller

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Length: 105 Minute(s)
After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Within the first five minutes, there is full frontal (and back) female nudity. This scene involves a woman being rescued from a house with her nipples, breasts and buttocks exposed. Side views of her public region are shown but her genitals are not exposed. A woman straddles a man, sex is implied A woman is in the shower and you can see the side of her breasts and butt. After Machete breaks into a mansion, a mother and daughter record themselves naked in a pool. Breasts are shown. It is implied that Machete has a threesome with them. A mother and daughter are laying naked in a car breasts are shown. Lady in a pool in the background. Her breasts are shown briefly.
violence The violence is generally graphic, but It can also be unrealistic and over-the-top at times. Many people are shown being stabbed, shot, dismembered, and decapitated. Four men are decapitated with one swing of a blade in a single shot. A man has his arm cut off, then his head which is then sliced in half. A man is stabbed in the stomach followed by his intestines being used as a rope. A man is stabbed in the face. A flying deceased body flies onto the top of a car. The woman screams in horror. A man is choked to death. His eyeballs roll into the back of his head. A man's eye is gouged out with a heel. People are shot in the head with a shotgun. There heads then explode and blood splatters. A man is hung on a cross and then dies when he has nails inserted into his hands. This scene is very bloody. A man is stabbed by a machete in his stomach but shoves it even further through his body. A brief shot of his intestines are shown.
profanity 35 uses of 'fuck', 18 of 'shit', 3 of 'son of a bitch', 3 of 'ass', and 1 of 'p-ssy', 'wh-re', and 'cocksucker'. As well as 11 instances of "damn" (8 using "God"), 6 of "hell", and 2 of "Jesus". Some sexual references and dialogue.
alcohol A couple characters are shown drinking alcohol mostly tequila. Several characters are shown smoking cigarettes. Joints are shown for a brief moment. A meth lab is shown.
frightening The violence is generally depicted with a (darkly) comedic tone. Some exceptions to this rule are: A man getting nailed onto a cross. Someone's wife being killed in front of him. The deaths of two immigrants on the border.

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