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Loving Lampposts (2010)

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If you've met one autistic person... you've met one autistic person.

May 28,2010

Hollywood Movies | Documentary

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Length: 84 Minute(s)
As autism has exploded into the public consciousness over the last 20 years, two opposing questions have been asked about the condition fueling the debate: is it a devastating sickness to be cured or is the variation of the human brain just a different way to be human? The film takes a look at two movements; the recovery movement, which views autism as a tragic epidemic brought on by environmental toxins, and the neurodiversity movement, which argues that autism should be accepted and that autistic people should be supported. After his son's diagnosis, filmmaker Todd Drezner visits the front lines of the autism wars to learn more about the debate and provide information about a condition that is still difficult to comprehend.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence None. Child abuse mentioned, but not shown or described graphically.
profanity Two objectionable words were used that most people would probably not want a small child to hear and repeat.