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Love Potion No. 9

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Imagine if sex appeal came in a bottle.

Nov 13,1992

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

Ratings: 5.4 / 10 from

34  users

Length: 97 Minute(s)
Unlucky in love, chemist Paul Matthews visits gypsy Madame Rosa for help. Quickly realizing he is a hopeless nerd, she gifts him with Love Potion No. 8, which makes anyone who wears it irresistible to the opposite sex for four hours. Paul and animal psychologist coworker Diane Farrow decide to test it on themselves. The awkward pair suddenly find themselves alluring to anyone they approach, but soon realize they are most attracted to each other.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A scientist explains to her friends how electricity can trigger certain feelings inside of a monkey's brain whenever he pushed a button and how one study the monkey experienced sexual pleasure through this. Her friend asked if the monkey pushed the button til he died and then demonstrated on the table. A man asks a girl if he can buy her a drink. Eventually she says she will go home with him and be his sex slave if he answers a question correctly. A friend apologizes to another friend by hiring a prostitute to visit him. She is shown in tight clothing. She asks for a gin and touches her breasts. She adjusts herself in a bathroom mirror. She leaves and is asked how it went. She says he only wanted to talk. A man comes by his girlfriend's house late at night. It is implied they have sex. You see their bare shoulders as he rolls off of her. They kiss and he says he has to go. A police officer moves a pen and the lid in a suggestive manner. A woman seductively rides a man's lap and kisses him. She unzips his pants, but he quickly stops her. A couple kiss before it is implied they are going to sleep together. You see him shirtless in bed and she is dragging a feather along his stomach. A man jokingly says he might have trouble getting a woman to swallow a love potion because "women don't like to swallow." A woman kneels down, as though trying to preform oral sex on a man, but he walks away.
violence There are a few fist fights scattered throughout.
profanity A few curse words scattered throughout.
alcohol Alcohol is consumed in many scenes. A few characters smoke cigarettes. People constantly mist a potion into their mouths.

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