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Louder Than Bombs (2015)

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The bad tempered group of a father and his two children go up against their distinctive emotions and recollections of their expired spouse and mother, a well known war picture taker.

Oct 02,2015

Hollywood Movies | Drama

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An up and coming presentation commending picture taker Isabelle Reed three years after her unfavorable demise, takes her eldest child Jonah back to the family house - constraining him to invest more energy with his dad Gene and pulled back more youthful sibling Conrad than he has in years. With them three under the same rooftop, Gene tries urgently to interface with his two children, however they battle to accommodate their emotions about the lady they recall so in an unexpected way.

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nudity A man and woman sleep together. The woman sits up, revealing her bare breasts briefly A man and woman are shown in bed together supposedly having an affair Not graphic and no nudity shown
violence One of the main themes is that a woman died and her family is recovering from it. The death is never actually shown, however

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