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Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro

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Nov 16,2011

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy | Foreign

Ratings: 6.9 / 10 from

11  users

Length: 90 Minute(s)


A man questions his essential goodness after being robbed.
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Movie Parental Guide

violence An older couple and their friends are at home when they are home invaded by robbers, beginning with striking a woman in the stomach as they force their way in, causing her to double over in pain in a fetal position. The robbers tie up the people in duct tape to chairs and knock over one man when he resists, injuring his shoulder. After they got their loot including ATM cards with access passwords, the robbers leave the scene with their victims still tied up. After the lead male character identifies one of the robbers to police officers, he sees them tackle the criminal to the ground to arrest him. With the criminal being held in an interrogation room, the male lead character is invited by the police to speak with him and beat him up if he wished with a weapon they supply with a promise to provide a rationale why. The man puts down the weapon, but slaps the suspect when he insults him.

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