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La Belle et la Bête (2014)

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Feb 12,2014

Hollywood Movies | Romance | Fantasy

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Length: 112 Minute(s)
Beauty and the Beast is the adaptation of a story by Madame de Villeneuve. Published anonymously in 1740 as La Jeune Américaine et les contes marins, it paints a portrait of Belle, a joyful and touching young girl who falls in love with the Beast, a cursed creature in search of love and redemption. In 1760, a condensed children’s version was published. It was from this version that Jean Cocteau and then Walt Disney drew their famous adaptations. Overshadowed, the original version by Madame de Villeneuve has never been adapted for the screen... until now!
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A scene in the film briefly depicts rear nudity when a rare female deer with golden fur, wounded by an arrow, transforms into its original naked human form. This portrayal of frontal and back nudity lasts approximately one minute and in a non-sexual context. Low cleavage is present on the female lead throughout the film, and on other female characters. A couple kiss each other in greeting, but they are pulled apart by their friends. A couple kiss passionately in a bedroom. The man lifts the woman and places her on the bed, but clothing remains. Sex is implied. a wounded deer transforms to a naked woman. There is no grafic nodity. A coupe kiss at the end of the movie, an elder man is watchong them.
violence The film contains a scene of violence where blood briefly trickles down the neck of the female lead when a knife held to her throat by the antagonist, cuts her. In another scene, a giant crushes some of the villains under its feet, but there is no depiction of blood or injuries. A rare female deer with golden fur, gets wounded by an arrow from the man who shot her and she transforms back into a naked woman. A villain gets struck across the face and blood is shown, but it is minimal. A villain stabs the beast with a golden arrow and the beast is on the verge of dying.
profanity Mild cussing including the use of "Damn", "Hell", and "Bloody" perhaps two or three instances of profanity overall.
alcohol There is a scene in a bar, with some alcohol consumption shown, near the beginning of the film.
frightening Near the beginning of the film, the father figure goes into a bar searching for his son. Men his son owes money to advance upon the mention of his name. The moment is brief and is resolved quickly, but might produce stress in younger children.

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