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Smart Girls. Pretty Girls. Missing Girls.

Oct 03,1997

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Crime | Thriller | Mystery

Ratings: 6.1 / 10 from

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Length: 115 Minute(s)
Forensic psychologist Alex Cross travels to North Carolina and teams with escaped kidnap victim Kate McTiernan to hunt down "Casanova," a serial killer who abducts strong-willed women and forces them to submit to his demands. The trail leads to Los Angeles, where the duo discovers that the psychopath may not be working alone.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A woman's bare breasts are briefly shown. A photo of a naked woman is seen. Sexual material is implied - including sexual assault. Woman is thrown on a table and the attacker starts pulling at her clothes - no sex is shown.
violence 7/10 A man is shot and blood spurts out of his head. We see a man with bloody gunshot wounds in his chest. A woman smashes through an aquarium and is bloody from a cut on her arm. A man throws another man against a wall repeatedly. In an extended scene a man is cut with a knife then he smashes into glass (there's blood on his head and hands throughout the scene; by the end he and a stove are covered in blood). A man tries to rape a woman. A couple fight with punches, kicks and throwing each other around. A man cuts a woman's arm. A man is shot and killed (no blood). A man is hit by a car and later almost hit by a truck. Bloody scrapes on child's face. A woman has a bloody, bruised face with a severely bloodshot eye. Bloody scrapes/cuts are seen on a person's face.
profanity 6/10 About 13 F-words, some mild obscenities, a few scatological references, a couple of anatomical references (plus some anatomical references vaguely heard in background music).
alcohol 2/10 Smoking and drinking is seen in the background. The kidnapper drugs his victims and we see the effects (convulsions, etc.)
frightening 7/10 Mature thematic material involving kidnapping, sexual slavery and assault, abuse, mental torture, murder, suicide. Some grizzly images. Many "jump" moments. TOTAL EXPLICIT CONTENT: 26/50

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