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SeX. MurdEr. MyStery. Welcome to the party.

Feb 12,2005

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Action | Crime | Mystery

Ratings: 7.1 / 10 from

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Length: 103 Minute(s)
A petty thief posing as an actor is brought to Los Angeles for an unlikely audition and finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation along with his high school dream girl and a detective who's been training him for his upcoming role...
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A couple of women are shown topless, but usually in a comical sense. A woman invites a man to sleep with her while she is shirtless (breasts are visible). Nothing happens A woman is removing her clothes in a room. Her breasts and nipples are visible briefly Half of a women's woman's right nipple is briefly visible as she lies drunk on a bed. Partial breast nudity is seen for a little while A female drowned dead wet body has her sundress inadvertently lifted up above her waist, revealing her nude pubis area (frontal nudity) in a non-explicit, non-sexual, manner in a darkly lit scene for less than 5 seconds before the protagonist corrects the dress position and covers her up.
violence In a big gun fight, a man is shot in the head (some blood is shown on the window of a car); a man's gunshot wound is shown. A man tries to perform CPR on another man with a gunshot wound (blood leaks from the man's mouth). There's also a car wreck, and several more men are shot (no blood). A man is shot in the chest (he falls back; there's a little blood) There's a cutaway scene in which a woman is decapitated (it's part of a cheap horror film); a monster swings at the woman and a crude bloody replica of her head flies through a window. Two men fish a corpse out of a lake; the corpse has bruises and wounds all over the face, and it is stated that her neck is broken. A corpse is thrown off the roof of a building (it hits the side of a dumpster). The aftermath of a suicide is shown (we see the legs of a corpse, a shotgun, and blood and matter splattered over the wall). A man has his finger chopped off by mistake; the severed finger is shown, the man is shown getting his finger sewn back on (we see the bloody finger and a doctor stitching it). Harry accidentally shoots a man in the head (the man falls over and Harry reacts). A man is shot in the chest several times (he looks down in shock and crashes into a table).
profanity 45 f-cks, 1 C-nt, 33 sh-ts, 8 -sses (7 with "hole"), 6 sons of b-tches, 4 b-tches (3 by antagonists), 2 f-ggots, and 1 each of p-ssy, and c-cksucker. Also 44 instances of "God" (5 with "damn"), 10 of "Jesus", 9 of "hell", and 4 of "Christ".
alcohol Characters smoke and drink frequently. Mention of marijuana use.
frightening Suggested MPAA Rating: R for strong violence and language and sexuality/nudity.

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