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An Ancient Sport Becomes A Deadly Game.

Apr 20,1989

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Thriller

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 97 Minute(s)
If your enemy refuses to be humbled... Destroy him. Accompanied by his brother Kurt (Van Damme), American kickboxing champion Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio), arrives in Thailand to defeat the Eastern warriors at their own sport. His opponent: ruthless fighter and Thai champion, Tong Po. Tong not only defeats Eric, he paralyzes him for life. Crazed with anger, Kurt vows revenge.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity During initial scenes some kids are seen diving in to water. Fully nude male children for a few seconds. One scene takes place in a strip club for around 2 minutes. Women are shown dancing around poles, clothing limited to covering nipples and small thongs. No full nudity. A girl is forced in to a mans room by two other men. Her clothes are ripped off (you can hear but not see this), then the scene quickly changes. Later the girl is seen crying. Rape is implied but not shown. Later the girl says "Tong Po raped me" to another character.
violence Numerous fight scenes. During one a man is paralysed with an elbow to the back. Fighting is mostly competition fighting in a Muay Thai ring but some scenes of street fighting as well. Some intensive martial training scenes involving obvious pain and bodily damage. In one scene a guard dog attacks a man and another man appears to kill the dog by throwing a knife at it. Later, the dog recovers. Some guns used in a couple of scenes, A man is caught in the groin by a meat hook and is showing hanging from the hook and screaming.
profanity 4 "h" words 1 "d" word 6 "a" words 4 "s" words 3 "g*d d*mns" 12 "f" words, including 2 uses of the "m*therf*cker"
alcohol Two characters are seen drinking beer during a scene in a strip club. Main character is seen drinking to excess in a bar during one scene, which leads to a fight.

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