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Fear never travels alone.

Sep 01,1993

Hollywood Movies | Crime | Thriller

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Length: 117 Minute(s)
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A journalist duo go on a tour of serial killer murder sites with two companions, unaware that one of them is a serial killer himself.

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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Two sex scenes. In the first one, a semi-clothed couple (the man is shirtless) has sex against a wall in a motel room (a man in the next room hears them). There is plenty of moaning, kissing and thrusting, but no graphic detail. The other scene involves a girl and a man having noisy sex inside a car. We see her moving on top of him, before he changes positions and starts humping her from above (we see thrusting and hear moaning). The only visible nudity is the man's bare chest and one of the girl's legs. A woman spies on them and starts taking photographs, but the man sees her, and provocatively starts thrusting on his girlfriend harder (we hear her telling him to go slower); the woman stops taking pictures and walks away. A girl flashes her breast to a man, implying she's going to have sex with him when he returns home. A photographer shows several large photos that have nude female and male models a few times in the movie. Some of them are fairly explicit and show bare breasts and butts. A man grabs a photo which consists of a female's bare butt in close-up, makes a hole in the crotch area, and performs oral sex on it. A girl speaks about when she has been gang-raped at only 13 years old. A scene where a woman is sexually harassed by a man. He gropes her breast and ass (they are both clothed). She is then tied to a bed and implied to be raped (nothing is seen).
violence The main theme of the movie is murder. Two of the main characters are a journalist and a phographer, on the road to see historic murder sites, take pictures, and talk to people that may be involved. Past murders are discussed and told. One main character, whom they share their car trip with, is secretly a serial killer, who cannot suppress his urges and ends up killing several people randomly in graphic manners. The violence is overall not very graphic, but it is bloody and rather brutal. Characters are held at gunpoint. A young man is threatened then shot to death (not in detail). A man is stabbed in the neck and dies (we see blood). Two police officers are shot to death. A woman stabs a man in the stomach with a piece of glass (blood is seen). A woman hits a man in the head, knocking him unconscious. A man shoots another man to death (offscreen). A man hits another man in the face with a shovel. His face is very bloody and his nose is broken. Two men fight violently (blood is seen). A man hits a woman, ties her to a bed, and is implied to rape her afterwards (not seen). A girl speaks about when she has been gang-raped at only 13 years old. She says that she has been hospitalized for 4 months. A girl is killed by her boyfriend offscreen. We later see her dead body. One car accident.
profanity Almost non-stop profanity throughout. Many S-words and F-words.
alcohol A male character is an alcoholic and drinks in nearly every scene. A female character is a chain smoker. An extended scene takes place at a bar, where two characters get very drunk. A girl smokes and drinks together with a woman.
frightening The main character is a serial killer and kills at random for no reason. He is a very violent and mentally unstable individual who enjoys killing people and often snaps towards the end of the movie. A man is said to beat his mentally retarded girlfriend, and ends up killing her. Women get mistreated both verbally and physically in this movie, which includes one implied rape and a referenced gang-rape. A character's death is pretty emotional. One car accident. Rated R for: strong violence, strong language, sexuality, nudity, and rape content. Not suitable for kids under 14 years of age.

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