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Jude (1996)

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A time without pity. A society without mercy. A love without equal.

Feb 06,1996

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

Ratings: 6.6 / 10 from

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Length: 123 Minute(s)
In late 19th-century England, Jude aspires to be an academic, but is hobbled by his blue-collar background. Instead, he works as a stonemason and is trapped in an unloving marriage to a farmer's daughter named Arabella. But when his wife leaves him, Jude sees an opportunity to improve himself. He moves to the city and begins an affair with his married cousin, Sue, courting tragedy every step of the way.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Several long scenes of graphic sexuality. Jude and his first wife Arabella have sex in a fairly prolonged scene; nudity is not shown, but there is some thrusting and she bites his bare chest. A later scene begins as Jude and Arabella are finishing having sex. Her breasts are shown for a period of time as she lies on the bed talking to him. Kate Winslet removes her dress and becomes completely naked. She lies on the bed where her breasts and pubic hair are clearly visible. She then starts to talk while Jude becomes naked himself and joins her on bed. His buttocks are visible. He places his mouth on each of her breasts as they begin to make love. In a scene of Sue (Kate Winslet) giving birth to her first child, there is a shot of her vagina with the baby's head breaching; not sexual, but quite graphic. In several scenes breasts are shown.
violence There is a slightly graphic scene of a pig being slaughtered. There is a scene of Sue (Kate Winslet) giving birth to her first child which shows a shot of the baby's head breaching. There is some blood, and she is yelling in pain. Jude gets his son to watch her giving birth, though it is unclear whether or not the boy is disturbed by it. A young child and baby are killed by suffocation (their dead bodies are shown), and a young boy commits suicide by hanging himself (his body shown hanging in the noose).
alcohol Sue is often seen smoking.
frightening Caution.. Spoilers.. Jude and Arabella's son kills his two younger half-siblings by suffocating them, and then commits suicide by hanging himself. The killings are not shown, but Jude and Sue arrive in their motel room to find the children dead; the boy is still hanging in the noose. Sue becomes very mentally disturbed after the deaths of her children, and is seen crying and screaming. These scenes are fairly intense.

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