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Dec 25,2007

Hollywood Movies | Horror | Foreign

Ratings: 4.2 / 10 from

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Length: 78 Minute(s)
A psycho scientist sent in to inoculate the luscious young student bodies against a new virus makes a little error in judgment, resulting in a not-so-little flesh-eating zombie problem. Now, with most of the school and all of the teachers running amuck, eating each other, having rabid sex and juggling, it's up to Aki and her new found allies on the Girls Swim Team to take care of business.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Nudity only: Aki and Sayaka take a shower together. (Aki breasts and buttocks are shown) (Sakaya's breasts are shown) Aki is shown topless in a flashback. Aki lowers the top of her swimsuit to remove her "birthmark". Aki walks around the pool nude and covered in blood. (her breasts and buttocks are shown) Sayaka's topless corpse is shown. Sex: There are several instances of fan service throughout the film. (closeups, panty shots, etc) Mariko starts to strip in front of another teacher. The teacher then fondles her breasts and sucks her nipples. Sayaka feeds Aki using her mouth. They later have sex. (both are shown topless) In a flashback scene Aki is shown masturbating. Later Crazy Doctor and Aki have sex. Nearly the same scene (but more brief) is later shown. This is later shown to be a rape. (Aki is fully nude - shot from the side) A passionate kiss between Aki and Sayaka. In a flashback scene Crazy Doctor and Sayaka have sex. (Sayaka is topless)
violence Nearly the entire school is unwittingly turned into zombies. Murasawa pushes Tomoko and hits another student. Sayaka pushes Aki into the pool. Murasawa is stabbed repeatedly. His body is later found by a student. (graphic) A math teacher goes on a rampage cutting off his student's heads and arms. (graphic) Two different zombie students bites other students. (graphic) A zombie starts eating a arm. (mildly graphic) Mariko stabs and tortures another teacher. She later stabs him in the head. (graphic) One zombie student vomits up blood and what looks like an eyeball (or possibly a cherry). A fight between Aki and two zombies. She slits one of the zombie's throats and breaks the other's neck. (graphic) A ruler / baseball bat fight between Aki and the math teacher. In a flashback Crazy Doctor tortures Aki. Aki hits Mariko with a pipe. Mariko attacks a student with a chainsaw. (graphic) A sword fight (of sorts) between Mariko and the swim team. (mildly graphic) "Murasawa" (actually Crazy Doctor) attacks Sayaka with a hammer. An explosion. A fight between Aki and Crazy Doctor. (mildly graphic) Sayaka drugs Aki. Crazy Doctor shoots Sayaka. Crazy Doctor sexually assaults Aki. (Aki is shown topless and later fully nude - from the side). Aki shoots Crazy Doctor with a laser gun (?) located between her thighs. (graphic) Aki has a heart attack and drowns.
profanity "Total Fucking Destruction!! Fxxk the World! Fxxk the Enemy!" is written on a chalkboard.
alcohol 1 instance of cigarette smoking.
frightening Etc.: 2 instances of urination. Etc.: 2 instances of vomiting. This is a comical horror film. There are very few intentionally scary moments and only a few jump scenes.

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