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Joe Versus the Volcano

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An average Joe. An adventurous comedy.

Mar 09,1990

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance | Fantasy

Ratings: 5.2 / 10 from

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
Hypochondriac Joe Banks finds out he has six months to live, quits his dead end job, musters the courage to ask his female co-worker out on a date, and is then hired to jump into a volcano by a mysterious visitor.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Joe refers to his office as "a used rubber." Joe uses sensual but non-obscene language to describe a female co-worker. A woman asks Joe if he "slept with" her sister, and says that his answer reveals something about his character. Joe is seen naked from the side, partially obscured, as he is prepared for the volcano. A woman says she loves Joe, 'even though they never slept together.'
violence Joe grabs his boss and shakes him repeatedly while yelling at him. Joe gets slapped with fish. A storm at sea sinks a yaught and it is presumed that two crew members perished. A volcano erupts and sinks an island and presumably the natives living on the island are killed. A little slapstick.
profanity 3 terms involving the word "shit" 1 use of the phrase "full of piss and vinegar" The company Joe works for sells medical supplies. It features a huge sign "home of the rectal probe" and his boss has model testicular implants on his desk.
alcohol Social drinking.
frightening A yacht get caught in a typhoon and a volcano erupts. Joe believes that he is dying throughout most of the film.

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