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First comes marriage. Then comes divorce. And then...

Dec 23,2009

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 121 Minute(s)
Ten years after their divorce, Jane and Jake Adler unite for their son's college graduation and unexpectedly end up sleeping together. But Jake is married, and Jane is embarking on a new romance with her architect. Now, she has to sort out her life – just when she thought she had it all figured out.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Despite the film being rated R in part for sexual content, no sexual activity is actually seen, but is rather implied. a full shot of a female is shown in a non-revealing bikini top and material wrap bottom. Later the same woman removes her top and we see her in a bra .... brief and non-erotic scenes for both. a man and woman are shown in bed in 2 different scenes, implying that they've just had sex (there's kissing but no sex scene) a man's nude buttocks is shown. (comic) A group of women talk about effects of not having sex regularly in one scene.
profanity One use each of 'bitch', 'shit', and 'prick'.
alcohol The film contains an extended scene where two characters smoke marijuana. The movie then shows the effects of the drug on the two characters. This effect as portrayed as largely beneficial, amusing and fun. There is an element of normalisation of drug use. The use of cannabis is also glamourised by the behaviour of the two characters, who speak fondly of how it has increased in strength since they were young. Though drugs are portrayed as normal and enjoyable, the film as a whole does not promote the use of illegal drugs. The film also contains scenes where alcohol is consumed and implied drunken behaviour.

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