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Iron Will

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Jan 14,1994

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Adventure | Family

Ratings: 6 / 10 from

28  users

Length: 108 Minute(s)
When Will Stoneman's father dies, he is left alone to take care of his mother and their land. Needing money to maintain it, he decides to join a cross country dogsled race. This race will require days of racing for long hours, through harsh weather and terrain. This young man will need a lot of courage and a strong will to complete this race.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity None
violence A man threatens the main character with a knife There are a couple of fist fights. A boy threatens a man with a gun, later several men threaten this man with knives A dog attacks another dog, the after effects of this fight are shown with some blood and obvious injury. A man is attacked by a team of dogs, no gore shown.
profanity No strong profanity, a few mentions of phrases such as "Well I'll be Dammed!" The use of "Hell" if you consider that profanity
alcohol Men are seen smoking cigars Men are seen drinking whiskey in a bar Men are seen drinking from a hip flask
frightening A man falls into a frozen river and is swept to his death The effects of frostbite are seen occasionally both old and healed injuries and recent injuries to fingers and feet

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