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Dec 25,1992

Hollywood Movies | Crime | History

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Length: 140 Minute(s)
Jack Nicholson's portrait of union leader James R. Hoffa, as seen through the eyes of his friend, Bobby Ciaro (Danny DeVito). The film follows Hoffa through his countless battles with the RTA and President Roosevelt all the way to a conclusion that negates the theory that he disappeared in 1975.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A prostitute is seen in bed (no nudity) and its implied that she had sex with a man (He attempts to give her payment, but she refuses). A man mentions going somewhere to "get laid" and invites Jimmy, who turns down the invite. In the background of a scene, a fully nude woman is seen (We only see her from behind) sitting on a bed. A man enters the bedroom and turns off the lights (The scene ends, but sex is heavily implied). A man describes a planned retirement community for truckers as a place where they can "drink beer, fart, and lie about the waitresses they've fucked." A prison cell is decorated with pictures of nude/scaintly clad women. A man pulls a Playboy magazine from a box and sets it aside.
violence A riot/brawl is shown, where various people are shown fighting with each-other (Some use knives, bottles, pipes and other weapons). During this scene, various men are shown with bloody faces as they are strangled, stabbed, and beaten violently. A child and mother are also threatened. A man shoots another multiple times in slow-motion (We see very little blood), before putting the gun to the man's head and firing at point-blank range (We see some blood splatter on a window). Another character is shot three times (Some blood is shown) to death. Throughout the film, characters are threatened with guns and knives. Two men bomb a building; one of the bombers is set on fire, and screams as he's burned. We later see him dying (We see his charred, graphic body). Several men fight; a man is shoved and hit violently. A man attempts to kill another via car bombing and one of the characters discusses taking another out into an alley and beating him to death. A man asks another to help him kill someone. A deer is shot and killed (A man jokes about the deer being skinned in a peculiar way later). There are a few fistfights throughout.
profanity - The word "fuck" appears 153 times. There are also nearly two dozen instances of shit, as well as numerous anatomical slang terms (cocksucker, prick, dick, pussy). There is a large amount of racial slurs for Italians, as well as some racial slurs for the Irish.
alcohol One of the characters smoke throughout the course of the film in many of the scenes.
frightening Two main characters are threatened and assassinated in a very tense, slow-motion scene.

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