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What if one of life's great mysteries moved in upstairs?

Sep 07,2001

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Mystery

Ratings: 6.3 / 10 from

61  users

Length: 101 Minute(s)
A widowed mother and her son change when a mysterious stranger enters their lives.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity The only sex is a drunk man forcing himself on a woman - and is not shown.
violence There is a scene where a woman is raped. An older boy physically assaults a girl, dislocating her arm - though it isn't actually shown. A man pushes the girl's dislocated arm back into place. A woman slaps the man in the face, accusing him of molesting the girl. A boy gets revenge on a bully by beating him with a baseball bat.
profanity A few kids say "shit" a few times. "Jesus" is used as an exclamation.
alcohol Some drinking and smoking, scenes in bar.
frightening The rape scene and the violence (or implied violence) may be quite disturbing.

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