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Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Mar 23,2001

Hollywood Movies | Comedy | Romance | Crime

Ratings: 5.6 / 10 from

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Length: 123 Minute(s)
Max and Page are a brilliant mother/daughter con team who have their grift down to a fine science. Max targets wealthy, willing men and marries them. Page then seduces them, and Max catches her husband in the act. Then it's off to palimony city and the next easy mark.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A man is shown emptying a bucket of ice in his pants, it's implied he has an erection Few men ask another man about his wedding night, they make a remark about him being an animal A woman asks her adult daughter to "feel my ass" A woman deliberately brushes her breasts against a man's shoulder before she sits down. Her and her mother attempt to seduce the man, the daughter asks the man if she can "grab his nuts" she reaches towards the counter and puts a cashew in her mouth and notes sensuously that it's "salty" A man puts his hands on a woman's clothed butt. A woman licks at the inside of a man's ear. Jennifer Love Hewitt is shown wearing a french maid outfit, she spills some coffee on a man's lap and goes over to clean it up, she can be seen kneeling next to the man, who is shown staring at her cleavage, she is also dabbing his leg near his crotch, the man is implied to be aroused A woman prepares to perform fellatio on a man, but they are interrupted. The woman's hair gets stuck in the man's zipper, and her head is stuck at his crotch for some time.
violence Slapstick only.
profanity PG-13 language.
alcohol Social Drinking and Gene Hackman's character smokes throughout the film.
frightening None.

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