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Too much is never enough.

Oct 16,2005

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

Ratings: 5.1 / 10 from

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Length: 85 Minute(s)
The elegant Anne Hathaway takes off her Princess Diaries crown to play a wealthy Los Angeles teen who, along with her superficial friends, wants to break out of suburbia and experience Southern California's "gangsta" lifestyle. But problems arise when the preppies get in over their heads and provoke the wrath of a violent Latino gang. Suddenly, their role-playing seems a little too real.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Anne Hathaway's character, Allison, rides a guy in a car and removes her bra. Her breasts are visible. After that, she goes down on the guy and it is implied that she gives him oral sex. At a club, a guy is sucking on a girl's nipple Allison visits some guys in an apartment and the guys have her roll dice to see how many of them she will have sex with. She and one of the men go to the bed where he starts kissing and undressing her. Her breasts are visible. At one point, she decides not to proceed. The man initially forces her down but eventually lets her go. Bijou Phillips' character, Emily, has foreplay with one of the men. He kisses her all over her belly. She pushes him on the bed and he fondles her buttocks. The man gets on top of her and roughly fondles her from the outside of her clothing. Emily removes her top to reveal her breasts. At one point, another man seems to take over while the first forces Allison out of the room. The man, who is naked, then removes the rest of her clothing and mounts her. His penis is visible. It is implied that they begin intercourse. She moans loudly and her breasts bounce. The man motions for the other to join them. It is implied that Emily has painful sex with both men at the same time: perhaps one anally and the other vaginally. It starts looking like rape at this point. Numerous views of more than one male's buttocks are shown as well as a glimpse of male genitalia. The female genitalia is not shown. Emily is shown in a bathtub, her breasts and nipples visible. Allison lies on a sofa and lowers her bra to take out a breast. She tells a male who is filming her that her nipples are very hard, which is shown later, also saying it would be awesome to hook up with him.
violence One of the sex scenes is a bit violent, with the gang members physically restraining a woman by the neck after she decides not to have sex and then forcing her out of the room in order to have sex with the other woman in the room. The scene progresses into something that started as consensual but ends up looking more like rape. A scene involving a gang fight, forced entry of a motel room by a rival gang involving guns. And a brief image of a girl slitting her wrist with a razor.
profanity Numerous uses of "fuck," nigger," "shit," "damn," "bitch" and "ass" throughout the whole entire movie.
alcohol All three are pervasivly mentioned throughout. There are uses of blow, crack, and weed. Frequent cigar/ cigarrette smoking. And lots of underage drinking at parties.
frightening In one scene, a gang uses guns to threaten a woman and her child. Another scene involves a girl who initially consented to having sex with two men. As the scene progresses, the two men have sex with her at once and it appears to cause her a lot of pain. As she cries out in pain and flails about, the men jump off the bed and scream at her with abusive words. When another woman runs into the room and approaches her, she flails in fear and appears to be traumatized.

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