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Guilty by Suspicion

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All it took was a whisper.

Mar 15,1991

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Thriller

Ratings: 5.3 / 10 from

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Length: 100 Minute(s)
This compelling story vividly recreates Hollywood's infamous 'Blacklist Era'. The witch-hunt has begun and director David Merrill (De Niro) can revive his stalled career by testifying against friends who are suspected communists. Merrill's ex wife (Bening) shares a whirlpool of scandals that draws them closer togheter while his chances for ever making movies again slips further away...
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity In one scene, a woman is shown mid-way through dressing, wearing only underclothing, including a bra and a slip.
profanity This film has enough language to usually receive an R rating. There are about five or six f-words, with a similar number of s-words, a couple of a-words and son of a b-words, as well as several usages of "the other b-word".
alcohol One character in the film is an alcoholic and is shown drunk several times, while other characters are shown to drink socially in several scenes. Many characters are shown to smoke cigarettes throughout the film.
frightening A character is shown to drive a car off of a cliff to commit suicide. No violence or gore is shown, only the car tumbling down the cliff. There are a couple of shouted arguments in the film and an emotionally charged court scene, but nothing particularly frightening or intense.

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