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Going Berserk (1983)

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Sep 30,1983

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Comedy

Ratings: 4.8 / 10 from

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Length: 85 Minute(s)


John Bourgignon, a drummer/chauffeur engaged to the daughter of a United States senator encounters a sleazy film director, the leader of an aerobics cult, and other crazed characters in the days leading up to his wedding.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity Rated R-Language and Some Sexual Humor (my rating reason) two scenes where male masturbation is suggested but nothing is shown. One comical scene involves a man having sex with his girlfriend while another man who is wristcuffed to him waits on the other side of a door. We only see the man on the outside and his reactions to the sounds and movements from inside In a retelling of a dream a woman undresses behind bamboo shades which makes the nudity only about 15% visible but still visible while a man pounds on the shades rapidly out of frustration.
violence Mild Violence
profanity 12 to 15 "F" words used along with PG rated profanity. Sexual references throughout the film.
alcohol scenes of adults smoking and drinking alcohol

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