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Gimme Danger (2016)

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A top to bottom take a gander at the incredible punk band, The Stooges.

Oct 28,2016

Hollywood Movies | Documentary

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A top to bottom take a gander at the incredible punk band, The Stooges.

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Movie Parental Guide

profanity The infrequent use of stronger expletives such as "motherf***er" is featured, but it is justified by context and not impactful. There are several utterances of coarse language in the film, such as the expletive "f***", as well as the stronger expletive "motherf***er". There are also instances where the middle finger gesture is used. Thus, such usage of coarse language can be suited for an older teen audience.
alcohol Drug taking is depicted in the film, but it is brief and infrequent. There are some references and depictions of drug use in the film. In one scene, a man wearing a gas mask inhales the fumes from a small container of brown liquid. There are also a few brief scenes showing people smoking joints.
frightening 'Gimme Danger' is a documentary about a punk rock band, The Stooges. The film traces the band's emergence in the music scene during the 1960s, their break-up and reunion, and highlights the band's role in the development of punk rock, alternative rock, and rock music at large. Official MPAA Rating: Rated R for drug content and language

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