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Jan 31,1998

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Romance

Ratings: 6.7 / 10 from

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Length: 120 Minute(s)
Fact-based story of top fashion model Gia Marie Carangi follows her life from a rebel working in her father's diner at age 17 to her death in 1986 at age 26 from AIDS, one of the first women in America whose death was attributed to the disease. In between, she followed a downward spiral of drug abuse and failed relationships.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A married man suspects that his wife has sex with another man. He forcefully tries to enter his fingers in her vagina while saying Let me see. Did he f**k you. No nudity is shown. Gia is in a hotel with a man. Her nipple is clearly visible under her dress. Gia is between two men and she is kissing them alternatively. Later she makes the men kiss each other. Gia is in a semi-transparent top and panties. The man massages her right breast and kisses her. He makes her lie down on the bed and gets on top of her and kisses her. She takes off his briefs making his buttocks are visible and wears them herself over her panties. Gia is completely naked in a photo shoot. She is standing on one side of the fence and the photographer is on the other side along with Linda. Her breasts are clearly visible and later her buttocks are visible. The photographer calls Linda and asks her to join Gia in photos. Linda removes her clothes and after removing her bra covers her breasts with her hand. She and Gia are on either side of the steel net and they kiss each other. Later, Gia is shown as on her hands and knees and her naked breasts are shown. Linda is in bra and panties and Gia kisses her in her thighs. Gia stands naked in front of Linda. Her buttocks and breasts are visible. In a crowded night club, one man is taking drugs of the stomach of a topless woman. Another man is pressing right breast of a woman from the top of her dress. Two men kiss each other. Gia and Linda are in shower naked. Their breasts are pressed against each other and their buttocks are visible.
violence A character intentionally cuts another character's hand with a knife. There are wounds shown. A fairly violent mugging by some junkies\bums. Gia is shown being slapped in the face repeatedly.
profanity Several uses of "f*ck"
alcohol The main theme of the movie deals with drugs. There are people shown using drugs.

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