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Come with a Dream. Leave with a Story.

Jul 11,2008

Hollywood Movies | Drama

Ratings: 4.9 / 10 from

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Length: 88 Minute(s)
Are you young, sexually confused, just trying to get by? Do you sing, dance or possess some other talent? Welcome to the Garden Party. At the center of the story is 15-year-old April. She is running from one bad situation into another, hoping to find an answer that doesn't involve taking off her clothes.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A middle-aged man watches a young woman in the bathroom. She is wearing only a bra and panties. A woman is shown being photographed topless in panties, breasts visible. Two teenage girls hint that they will have sex with a male shopkeeper if he helps them. Two adults talk about sex and that the man has seen the woman's pictures on the Internet. He shows her the pictures, assumed to be nude, on his computer, but they aren't shown to the camera. Two teenage girls are shown making out on a bed. A girl takes pictures as she has a man undress. The camera cuts away as his pants are coming off. A teenage girl is shown taking off her pants and getting into bed with another girl. There are sex toys shown on the night stand. One of the main characters is confused about his sexuality and is possibly gay. He and is friend go to a gay club, where he meets a man and goes to the toilet with him. He can't go through with giving the man a blow job, and the man is angry and forces the teenager to give him a blow job. A boy and girl kiss, the girl in her bra and panties.
violence A man is kidnapped and gagged. He is punched in the face.
profanity A photographer tells his model how big his dick is and suggests the model wants to f*ck him and give him a blowjob. She says she wants to suck his big dick. F*ck and Sh*t are used occasionally.
alcohol A man buys beer and rolling papers at a liquor store. A man shows off a home marijuana grow operation and he talks about smoking weed. A woman meets a man in a bar. He is shown drinking. A man drinks a beer at a bar. Later he is shown after supposedly consuming several drinks.

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