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Evil Will Battle Evil

Aug 15,2003

Hollywood Movies | Horror

Ratings: 5.7 / 10 from

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Length: 97 Minute(s)
Evil dream-demon Freddy Krueger devises a plan to manipulate the unstoppable Jason Vorhees into hacking up the teenagers of Elm Street in an effort to make people remember the name Freddy Krueger, thus freeing him from limbo.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 10/10 A young man kisses a young woman, invites her upstairs, begins unbuttoning his shirt and we see them having sex in bed together -- she is thrusting rhythmically on top of him (we see her bare back and his bare chest). A young woman dreams that her father tries to kiss her and we see him trying to put his tongue in her mouth, then a man with a badly scarred face tries to kiss her in the same manner. A young man and a young woman appear to be having sex (they are clothed), then the young woman is shown nude (we see her bare breasts) and dead (tinged blue) and the young man changes to a badly scarred man. A young woman takes a shower and we see her bare breasts. A young woman takes off her clothes (we see her bare breasts and buttocks), jumps into water and invites a young man to join her. A young man presses his bare buttocks against a window. A young boy lies nude on a floor. Young women wear short tops that reveal bare abdomens and cleavage and low-cut pants that reveal bare backs to the hip. A young man climbs on top of a young woman who has passed out and begins kissing her neck and caressing her. A young man and a young woman kiss and caress each other. Young men and women dance at a party. A young man talks about having paid for sex. A young woman makes a sexual gesture with her hips and arms. A young man scratches his crotch.
violence 10/10 Freddy Kruger has badly scarred skin on his face and sharp, blackened teeth, and has knife blades covering each finger on one hand; Jason Voorhees wears a hockey mask and we can see a bit of hair and a badly malformed head and ears (he carries a huge machete as his weapon of choice). Many people are carved up, sliced and diced by the two bad guys: A young man lying in bed is stabbed repeatedly through the back, he groans with every strike (we see from under the mattress the knife poking through and blood and tissue pouring through), the bed is then folded up bending the young man in half backwards (we hear crunching and squishing and see blood pouring from his mouth). A man is stabbed through the back by a blade-covered hand. A young man is cut in half by a machete and we see the two pieces fall to the floor with blood spurting, spraying and gushing. A man's head is cut off, it falls into water (blood spurts and sprays). A young man dreams that he sees a gruesome face in a mirror, he sees a man sitting in a bathtub filled with blood, the man has deep slits in his wrists and blood pours from them, tendrils of bloody tissue crawl up his ankles, and snakes slither around in a pool of blood; then in real life the young man's back is set on fire and bloody slashes appear on his face (we see a brand burned on the skin on his back). A young woman is slashed by a machete. A young woman is stabbed in the chest (we see bloody slashes) A young man is slashed on the back (we see blood trickling down his leg.) A young woman hits a man repeatedly, she is hit and thrown against a wall. A young man is thrown into a pointed rod sticking out of a wall (we see him bleeding.) A man touches the insides of a woman's legs with sharp knives. A young woman's hand falls into a flame. A man swings a machete, it hits an electrical panel that sends a jolt of electricity through him, he grabs another man who is also jolted and we see the second man's face melt and bubble from the heat. A man pokes a blade into a young boy's temple, it begins to bleed and the child whimpers. A young man nudges a man sitting next to him and his head falls off and into his lap (blood spurts from the neck). Many young people at a party are slashed across the chest, blood sprays and they fall to the ground. A young woman becomes frightened when she hears a noise, she runs through woods to get away from a man, she falls, the man stabs her through the stomach and pushes her into a tree where she hangs (blood pours down and drips from her feet). A young woman dreams that she is trapped in a grain silo with a man with blade-covered fingers, he chases her, she runs, falls over a railing, crashes to the floor, he startles her when he lunges at her and we see a bloody hole appear on her chest where she is being stabbed repeatedly in real life (a young man is stabbed in the back with a pole and flung through the air at the same time). A young woman is slashed by a machete and flung into a tree where she lies dead and bleeding. The film features a "dream" world along the presumably "real" one. Two men fight in the real world, with many punches and kicks: one is dragged along a wall through windows and beams, one is thrown out of the cabin and through a roof, one is knocked through the air by a flying gas tank, one is impaled by falling metal rods (blood pours, spurts and sprays), one is hit repeatedly by a swinging cement conveyor, one is hacked in the back repeatedly, one is stabbed in the eyes and the stomach repeatedly and blood pools on his body, one pulls something out of the other's chest, one pulls the arm off the other (blood pours and sprays), and one falls and dangles by the foot and he is pulled down and cut by the other one. Both are hit by a rolling cart, one's fingers are cut off and he drops his knife, and when the dock they are standing on is set on fire a gas tank explodes and sends them both, in flames, into the water. Two men fight in the dream world: one has his arms hacked off, they spurt blood, he grows two new arms, one is pinned to a pole by a machete through his chest, they fight with punches and kicks and throwing each other into walls and pipes (one bounces around as if he is in a pinball game) and a huge barrel falls from the ceiling and lands on one of them (he pushes it off and continues fighting). A young man imagines a large lizard/caterpillar creature lunging at his face, crawling into his mouth and down his throat. A young woman slips in a puddle of blood, opens a door and sees a young man dead and covered with blood. A young man is slashed across the chest and blood sprays on a nearby wall. We see a man after having been crushed under a door and blood collects in a puddle under his head. A young woman dreams that a man with bladed fingers cuts her nose off (we see a bloody cavity where her nose had been). A young man pours alcohol on a man and sets him ablaze. A young man's head is twisted around and we hear his neck crack, and another young man is stabbed through the back as he runs away. A young man dreams that he sees a man in a street who lunges at him and thrusts his arm with blade-covered fingers through his chest but he is uninjured. A young woman dreams that a young man holding his severed head under his arm talks to her. A man holds a woman's severed head. A woman dreams that she backs into a wall, it changes into a door and blood pours from the frame. We see people being killed by a badly scarred bad guy in their dreams: we see his head popping through a man's chest, blood pours and sprays and fills a room. A little girl whimpers and speaks to a young woman (in her dream) and we see the girl's eye sockets with bloody slashes over them. A young woman pulls off a man's ear (we hear a squish and see her holding the bloody ear). A little girl whimpers as a man approaches her with knife blades on his hand, and we hear her scream. We see a heart begin beating in a decaying rib cage, eyes open and a man stands up. A man is stabbed with two hypodermic needles and falls unconscious. A man is injected in the eye. A young woman gets an injection in the arm. A man talks about having killed many children and we see newspaper clippings about each incident. A young man talks about having seen a man kill a woman. A young man talks about another young man having been "gutted." A man talks about people killing him and we see his house set ablaze presumably with him inside. A man throws a baby doll in an incinerator. A man grabs a young woman out of a car, yells at her and holds a young man by the throat (we hear him coughing and gagging). We are startled when a young woman is grabbed by someone. A man carries another man's severed head and it winks. We see a room full of people in coma lying on tables with their eyes bandaged and we see them again sitting up and mumbling. A young woman lifts a mask off a man's face and prepares to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. A man yells at a man and waves a lit cigar in his face. We hear and see a young boy sobbing and quivering. Blood pours over opening and closing credits and we see slashes on what looks like flesh. A young man is force-fed liquor through a tube. A young boy is teased, harassed and pushed into water where he struggles and slips under (we hear that he nearly drowned. A car swerves, drives off the road and flips on its side (some of the passengers are injured). A young woman faints. A young man presses his bare buttocks against a window and flatulates.
profanity 9/10 38 F-words and its derivatives, 4 sexual references, 24 scatological terms, 12 anatomical terms, 25 mild obscenities, 2 religious profanities, 18 religious exclamations, 1 derogatory term for homosexuals.
alcohol 5/10 People are shown smoking tobacco and marijuana. Drinking alcohol and taking tranquilizers/dream suppressants.
frightening 6/10 The entire movie is very dark, though for people who enjoy harder edged movies, the movie is almost comical at some points. During the beginning of the film, Freddy looks excessively scary, with veins in his eyes and jagged teeth. The scene with the little girl who's missing her eyes is quite disturbing. The scene where a boy is tormented by visions of his dead brother might disturb more sensitive viewers. The magazine scene which shows graphic, masochistic images is VERY disturbing. The end sequence contains gallons upon gallons of blood, and might be disturbing for those who do not like blood and gore. Suggested Uncut TV Rating: TV-MA-LSV Age: 17+ Note: Opinions (advice, scores out of 10, et cetera) are allowed as long as the facts are mentioned.

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