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It took them 17 years to learn the rules. And one week to break them all.

Aug 23,1996

Hollywood Movies | Drama | Action | Thriller

Ratings: 6.2 / 10 from

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Length: 102 Minute(s)
The story of five teenage girls who form an unlikely bond after beating up a teacher who has sexually harassed them. They build a solid friendship but their wild ways begin to get out of control.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity 7/10 Brief full rear nudity of a guy. Teenage boys grab their genitals in a rather offensive manner when Maddy is seen taking pictures. A teacher sexually harasses teen girls, nothing explicit is shown. A woman asks her daughter if her boyfriend slept over, implying that they may have had sex. Angelina is in a room with four girls. She takes out her jacket and her large breasts are visible under her top. She then removes the top and shows her bare breasts. Others girls stare at them. She takes a needle and starts drawing a tattoo on her right breasts. There is a close up shot of the needle being pushed onto the soft flesh of her breast. Later, her nipple and areola are visible from close up. One of the other girl asks Angelina to create a similar tattoo on her breast and she removes her dress and shows both of her bare breasts. Angelina proceeds to create a tattoo on her right breast. Later she is shown to be doing same thing on other girls' breasts. She remains topless throughout the scene. Heavy sexual references to genitalia and sexual activity takes place when the girls are shopping. Maddy and Legs have a tender moment where she asks her how she'd take it if she told her she loved her. Legs reiterates with "I'd take however you'd want me to."
violence 7/10 A girl grabs a man by his crotch to threaten him. A group of girls take revenge physically on a pedophile teacher, he kicks one of the girls and slams another against his blackboard. Another one kicks him in the crotch and another girl smashes his face on a bench threatening to "snip his nuts off". A father smacks his daughter on the back of her head. A group of boys force a girl into the car to "teach her a lesson" but they are stopped when another girl arrives and puts a knife to the leader's throat to let her go. The girls steal Dana's car, and end up going off the road we see the car rollover but they all end up okay Legs' mentality drastically changes after she is released from the correctional center, she becomes a ruthless and homicidal person. A few women hold a man hostage with a gun and one of them accidentally shoots him in the chest.
profanity 1/10 Use of "ass", "bitch", "crap", "damn" (two times with God's name), "fuck", "hell", " slut" and "shit" An obscene finger gesture.
alcohol 3/10 Goldie is shown to be a drug addict and is seen smoking a joint at one point, and later on she starts using heroin. Teenagers are seen smoking joints and drinking alcohol. Ethan and Violet are both shown to smoke cigarettes.
frightening 4/10 The scene where Legs teases Maddie about her fear of heights is a little intense. Seeing as she is walking on top of a bridge, and accidentally drops her art portfolio. Misogyny vs. Misandry is a key theme for the film, and many women may be offended at how the main characters are treated. The relationship between Goldie and her father is strained and many viewers will either be upset or disturbed with the physical abuse. The final scene with Legs and Maddy is a bittersweet moment. Suggested MPAA Rating: R for Teen Nudity, Drug Use, Strong Language, Sexual References and Thematic Material Involving Violent Situations. Total Score: 44/50. Suitable for viewers 17 and up.

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