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Flags of Our Fathers

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They fight for their country but they die for their friends.

Oct 19,2006

Hollywood Movies | Drama | War | History

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Length: 132 Minute(s)


There were five Marines and one Navy Corpsman photographed raising the U.S. flag on Mt. Suribachi by Joe Rosenthal on February 23, 1945. This is the story of three of the six surviving servicemen – John 'Doc' Bradley, Pvt. Rene Gagnon and Pvt. Ira Hayes, who fought in the battle to take Iwo Jima from the Japanese.
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Movie Parental Guide

nudity A joke is made and repeated about having to hand in "masturbation papers". There is some sexually-derived language, but it is extremely brief.
violence The movie is fairly violent, but only in a few scenes. There is a scene where the soldiers stumble apon japanese soldiers who have committed suicide. Their bodies are disfigured and extremely bloody. When the soldiers are shot, there is normally a spurt of blood. The violence in this movie is fairly graphic.
profanity 12 uses of the 'f' word. Brief sexually-derived language, as well as milder obscenities ("Son of a b*****", "s****", "d***", etc.) Brief use of some racial slurs (derogatorily towards Indians) .
alcohol One character drinks heavily throughout the film, and is seen vomiting and drunk for portions of time. Alcohol is featured prominently throughout the course of the film, and many characters smoke throughout the movie.
frightening The scenes on Iwo-Jima are harrowing, intense,and violent, and may be very disturbing to veterans who fought there.

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